Play Space Arts Club

Children learn about healthy eating, climate change and other environmental issues through creative activity and play. Use a combination of outside play, drawing, animation and sculpture to explore concepts of healthy eating, healthy active lifestyles and positive environmental behaviour.

Children have the opportunity to grow their own produce, create menus, aprons and bags, as well as making healthy, irresistible meals and smoothies.  Through these activities children develop greater understanding of how a healthy diet and exercise can contribute to overall well-being and as such they become more empowered to make their own informed choices.

By engaging children in environmental issues from an early age, we will be helping them to live a more sustainable and healthy life, it is our hope that their positive environmental behaviour and ‘know how’ will be infectious, filtering through to the wider community and right on into future generation.

At the end of each term children have the opportunity to share their learning with teachers and families at a showcase event.