Quick Response Corpse

collective narrative interactive installation needlework

Quick Response Corpse was a day-long event presented at Athens Plaython. Aiming at  constructing an interactive art installation, the event was completed through three different stages; that is the workshop, the game and finally the exhibition of the outcome, which was open to the public.
Quick Response Corpse refers to the “exquisite corpse”, an artistic methodology that emerged through a game developed by the Surrealists. Each collaborator adds in a common composition, words or pictures, continuing linearly the composition in what the previous individual has contributed, without however knowing its content. In this way a unique common associative narration is being created.

Following this artistic methodology, Quick Response Corpse’s participants were called to create one collective interactive patchwork, the narration of which was be developed through information found online.
Each one of the participants was called to stitch/embroider one two-dimensional QR code. Then, the first participant to complete his/her embroidery was called to connect his/hers individually created code with information personally from the Internet. Only a part of this information could be revealed to the participant that had completed next the stitched/ embroidered QR code. The participant had then to think his own information, in association with the element that was revealed to him and to repeat the same procedure with his follower.

  • dimensions

    2 x 0.50m

  • technical specifications

    Ayda fabric, different color threads, 3G mobile phone, computer.

  • exhibition

    Athens Plaython 2012, Tehnopolis Gazi, Gr

  • year