Unidirectional Mono-View

apparatus archive installation

Unidirectional Mono-View is a machine that interferes with stereo and mono analog reproduction techniques, imposing the one-dimensional experience of storytelling. Deliberately limitating the fullness, the breadth and freedom of perception.

The audio part is resourced from a found tape of 40s resistance songs (Antistasiaka) recorded in stereo sound. The right canal from A side has been mixed to the left canal of B side and the other way round. This is exported to Mono sound and recorded back to a tape.
As the Unidirectional Mono-View machine plays the tape, the circle motion of the tape is transferred to a view master reel which lies beneath a light projector. View-master works in stereoscopic view. The way it is placed, is projected as mono and the way the images displayed on the wall are not sequential. The narrative becomes incomplete and illegible. Also, the speed displayed slides depending on the speed of the tape affects visibility

  • dimensions

    2.5 x 0.60 x 0.80 m

  • technical specifications

    found cassette player, found tape, slide projector, variety of projector lenses, view-master reel.

  • exhibition

    Zootrope, Camp, (Athens 2012)

  • year