All The Birds

community weaving

All the Birds – Poulioi Di Multu is the collaboration of the artist Maria Varela with the women’s community Di Moulieri (from women in the Vlach dialect) in the creation of a hand weaved cape. The women chose their favorite patterns from their woven dowries. The patterns are called “birds” in Metsovo. Combining all the traditional birds, a new unique design was formed, which narrates the stories of all the women who participated in its creation. This new design was woven in a cape inspired by men’s traditional clothing. The women wear the traditional men’s cape decorated with designs woven by their mothers for them and are photographed in Metsovo.

The community Di Mullieri (From Women in the Vlach dialect) is a group of women living in Metsovo and nearby villages. The connecting element of the group is their love for the traditional weaving of Metsovo. Through creative activities they encourage knowledge exchange, the younger practical exercise their craft next to the older preserving the traditional craft and technique. The aim is to highlight the aesthetic and technical value of the weaves of Metsovo while at the same time the intangible culture of Metsovo and the Vlach heritage are promoted.
In the creation of the artwork All the Birds – Poulioi Di Multou participated: Vasiliki Theodoraki, Evdokia Bisa, Aphrodite Katsora, Chrysoula Stavraki, Eugenia Tzalonikou, Marilena Tzalonikou, Charoula Tzalonikou, Yolanda Tsarouchi, Maria Vadevouli, Doukitsa Zarkadi.

Sound Docuentary on the creation of the project by Evita Theochari for dimotikoradiofono

Special thanks to the Municipality of Metsovo for their support and the provision of a work space.

  • exhibition

    Bien21, Textile Biennale Art, Kranj, Slovenia

  • curator

    Artemis Papageorgiou, Mariana Ziku, Elli Leventaki, Katerina Zachou

  • venue

    Mergentaler street gallery

  • year


  • acknowledgements

    Municipality of Metsovo