Learn a craft and quit it

“Learn a craft and quit it”*

* from greek saying: “Learn a craft and quit it. If you ever get hungry,  undertake it.”

This workshop series focus on Greek forgotten crafts. In each session a guest local artisan showed secrets and tips of a specific craftsmanship.

The creative hands-on workshop sessions offered participants the chance to try a range of design techniques and to develop new skills while encourage them to start developing their own creative styles. All sessions stress design and personal exploration. Moreover the events aimed to straighten the idea of togetherness and cultivate the feeling of community.

Sunday 18/9/2011 : Crochet
Sunday 25/9/2011: Embroidery
Sunday 2/10/2011: Stained glass
Sunday 9/10/2011: Byzantine icons
Sunday 16/10/2011: Soap making
Curator: Marianna Christophi, Maria Varela
Photo documentation: Maria Damkalidi