In Vivo | In Vitro | In Silico

classification computer vision machine learning weaving

In Vivo | In Vitro | In Silico refers to the emerging role of machine learning in in vitro fertilization. It focuses on the use of synthetic data sets – that is data manufactured rather than collected from the real world– for the classification and selection of human oocytes. Machine vision assists in evaluating the texture of the cell structures based on the grayscale of lab images. The artist juxtaposes images of algorithmically created oocytes with depictions of real ones. At the textile, she represents the classification of her own oocytes and visualises their texture, as this is being perceived by the machine. The video shows the learning process of a neural network. Images of real oocytes are confused with images of the moon, implying the ways that the female body and the female identity are affected by deep learning algorithms.

Scientific supervision: Anna Agapaki
Lab Photography: Vana Gota


photos: Mariana Bisti

  • dimensions

    45cm x 230cm , 3’30’’, 1024 x 1024

  • curator

    Katerina Gkoutziouli, Daphne Dragona

  • production

    Under the auspices and with the financial support of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports

  • organisers

    VEKTOR Athens

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  • acknowledgements

    Anna Agapaki, Vana Gota, Thanos Eleftherakos