Hybrid Cretan Instruments

Hybrid Cretan Instruments was a workshop part of the project Egaleo City, curated by Locus Athens.
Egaleo City is the second Community Project for 2014 implemented in Athens, under the program of NEON Institution, to implement art programs in Athenian neighbourhoods. The Community Projects are based on involving residents, groups and artists. They are a lively field of artistic action, in which the artists highlight, along with citizens, issues of concern to specific communities.

Hybrid Cretan Instruments was part of workshop trilogy “Folklore and New Technologies” and was designed for the Cultural Cretan Association.

Children created hybrid instruments combining different parts of the main Cretan instruments: lute, lyre, mandolin with elaborately carved locks of the lyre, the violin and the lute. After choosing if they would like to create a bass or treble instrument, they designed it accordingly. The strings were stained with conductive ink and participants were able to produce sound with the 555 timer circuit.