Design Fiction Prototypes

Participants worked in four groups in order to create collaboratory projects that inspire new ideas on diegetic prototypes.Participants had to complete a prototype that narrates the life of a fictional future community. The workshop’ s goal is to promote DIY (Do It Yourself) and DIWO (Do It With Others) methodologies, through hands-on practices, familiarising the participants with interaction design, by triggering their imagination and combining technology with craftsmanship.

Group A
project name: AlivePictures
participants: Anna, Achileas, Ivan, Triada.
fiction: In a future society people have become passive receivers and they can’t experience any emotions or thrills. A group of scientists invent a technology which can teleport the viewer into his/her favourite films and live an intense experience. While his/her mind is part of the film, the emotions become bodily aware through a t-shirt.
object: A t-shirt (wearable technology) which translates emotions to body stimulus. Fear is translated to vibrations around the heart, Happiness to enjoyable breeze.
technical specifications: Arduino Lilypad, led lights, piezos, buzzers ,motor, conductive threads, fabric

Group B
project name: Runner
participants: Giorgos,Nikitas, Panagiotis, Stefanos.
fiction: In 2030, 3 years after the end of the World War III, survivors have formed small communities. They have created small villages by building huge walls around them, they protect themselves from radiation mutant human and animal zombies. There is a class of survivors that they chose to become “The Runners”. Their task is to run outside the walls in order to find and rescue survivors that haven’t joined a community yet. A runner is equipped with a navigation bracelet, which is found from future archeologists and led them understand the way communities functioned in 2030.
object: Runners navigation bracelet is a bracelet providing runners with three options: 1) reading electromagnetic energy of human brain – this option helps the runner to locate human survivors. 2) an option to help the runner locate his village and return back to home 3) an alarm to notify the runner when radiaton levels are high.
technical specifications: AT tiny 45, led lights, buzzers, 3d printed bracelet, 3d printed knife

Group C
project name: Smart Drug
participants: Dimitris, Elias, Konstantinos, Nikolas,
fiction: We live in a society where school is forbidden by law, because it is boring. Knowledge is in a liquid form and people have to create an injected cocktail of different type of liquid information in order to function in their everyday needs and tasks.
object: A machine which scans information and liquefies it. Information is then transferred to small bottles and stored in a liquid library.
technical specifications: AT tiny 45, led lights, ldr, motor, 3d printed glasses, 3d printed helical, carton models

Group D
project name: Spaceship
participants: Alkis, Dimitris, Elias, Konstantinos
fiction: Aliens are visiting different planets in order to steal water and use the hydrogen to make their machines work. They move around different planets and collect water with a three-craft system which imitates the bees’ community. The “worker” spaceship is a robot spaceship which detects, locates and collects the water. The “drone” spaceship is a spaceship driven by the aliens and secures the space station from invaders or potential damage. Last but not least is “the queen” which is a full automated, computer run space station.
object: The worker spaceship is a robot spaceship which can detect 1) objects in its way and adjust its flight 2) water which collects and store in 6 deposits
technical specifications: Arduino, led lights, proximity sensor, humidity sensor, carton model

project in collaboration with Afroditi Psarra

documentation photos: Stavros Petropoulos