data networks workshop series

Dataplay was a cluster of workshops about networks, data and their invisible flows in the urban environment. It aimed to explore the contemporary hybrid city, – participative, playful and searchable as it might be-, and discuss its challenges and contradictions. How perceptible are the new network architectures to the senses of the city inhabitants? How is the city influenced when every mediated action generates data? Well known artists from Berlin came to Athens in May 2013 in order to explore the city’s electromagnetic fields, to capture and map the city’s data body and to propose new free and independent models for sharing and distributing information.

Datenspiel was a project of Goethe-Institut Athen in collaboration with Frown creative platform and the support of University Research Institute of Applied Communication (U.R.I.A.C.) of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens present Dataplay.

Datenspiel was a parallel event of the international conference Hybrid City II – subtle rEvolutions

  • curator

    Daphne Dragona

  • artists

    Julian Oliver, Danja Vasiliev, Gordan Savicic, Sabrina Basten & Audrey Samson

  • production

    Production & Project Coordination: Marianna Christofi, Maria Varela

  • organisers

    Frown, Goethe Institute

  • venue


  • year