Cavafy and new media

The Cavafy Archive of Onassis Cultural Center is placed in schools, with a series of educational programs for the Alexandrian poet. The 2014-2015 programme will be evolve in 8-session workshop in Athens and the same in Ioannina. In Athens, the workshop takes place at the 4th High School of Korydallos.
Using computers and their capabilities, students create series of digital works inspired from poems of the Alexandrian poet.

Participants re-wrote Cavafy’s poets using Cavafy’s vocabulary and an algorithmic system they created. Subsequently they wrote the new poets on google map and then they visited the physical space and collected objects found at the street.
The result was an interactive installation where the visitor every time he/she moved Cavafy’s chessman on the top of the objects, he/she could listen to the poems and watch the street drifting of the area of Korydallos.

Project in collaboration with Thodoris Chiotis.