Babel City

collective narrative social media web performance

During the days of The false project workshop, a glossary was created substituting popular words appearing in social networks with words from Greek News portals. The taxonomy of words in the first column have resulted from research in social media and those in the second column from research in Greek News web sites. The popularity of a given word determined with which word it was substituted.

The experiment was a call and a cause to speak. By asking participants to replace the key words in their own verbal interactions they created their own personal language facet. A story started and was completed in multiple participatory layers revealing interesting narratives. This experiment focused on attempting to chart the limits of falsity and divergence in the linguistic creation and use.  More than this it provided a novel medium to tease out the different aspects of falseness.

Project in collaboration with Marianna Christofi

  • exhibition

    The false project, Cacoyiannis Foundation

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