encoding licence agreement light installation

Accept represents a system where the information of a text is transmitted as light signals, formatted in Braille method characters. The installation creates a screen which reproduces the text “I accept the terms in this licence agreement” in Braille alphabet. While Braille code is a tactile writing and reading system used by the blind, the selected medium is light. The project references the end-user license agreement – EULA and comments on the violation of users’ data by corporations. EULA agreements are known for their complexity and large volume, making their reading and understanding impossible for the average user. The user, exposed to information that cannot understand is forced to the option NEXT in order to bypass the information volume ending up to the option ACCEPT to use the software. In EULA agreements, there are extreme terms for use, property and reproduction of a user’s personal data as well as for the unilateral interest protection of the corporation.

  • dimensions

    6 x (50x70)

  • technical specifications

    ATtiny84, LED lights, plywood, salad mix bowls

  • exhibition

    Athens Digital Art Festival

  • year


  • acknowledgements

    Thanos Eleftherakos, Katerina Gkoutziouli, Nikos Athanasopoulos, Afroditi Psarra