14.7 #1 – Thessaloniki

archive sound installation soundscape

Stopover is a pseudo-historical documentation, fictional figures, comments on cultural activities, on the challenges accepted and risks involved for a place-passage, like the city of Thessaloniki.
The visitors are invited to freely position 7 speakers on top of the 14 available columns, this way unveiling in space different audio streams. Sounds of the past (miscellaneous songs from the city’s song contest, 1962-2007) are recalled from Thessaloniki’s memory to become part of an ever-changing audience-incited composition. The work was realized in collaboration of M.Koutsomichalis, M. Varela and K. Vafeiadou. The project was conceived for the inauguration of the 100 years since Thessaloniki became part of Greece.

  • dimensions

    12 x 0.15 x 0.8 m

  • technical specifications

    14 PVC pillars, 7 10W speakers, wood, custom-made amplifiers, found audio, aluminum, 270m of cable, white paint.

  • exhibition

    Stopover, Action Field Kodra Festival (Thessaloniki 2012)

  • year


  • acknowledgements

    Nikos Mykoniatis, WEKE.